TUKI® Big Magnetic Blocks


Details about this set:

Blocks: 6

Magnets: 16

Recommended application: Children’s rooms | Waiting rooms


Dimentions and weight:

Length: 20 cm
Width: 20 cm
Height: 20 cm

Weight of a set: 1 kg

Important information: 


Each set of our large blocks is accompanied by a durable, robust, and handy bag specifically designed for easy storage of the block set. This allows for effortless organization and transport of your set of TUKI® blocks.

Parts included in a set:


4 pieces


2 pieces

Important information: 

Each set of TUKI® Tetra magnetic blocks contais mixed elements in four colors. It means that you will find more or less equal number of elements in each of our four colors: turquoise, grey, yellow and pink.