Large Magnetic Blocks 14 Elements

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Details about this set:

Blocks: 14


Magnets: 54


Recommended application: Children’s rooms | Waiting rooms | Schools | Physiotherapy facilities


For 1 – 2 children


Dimentions and weight:


Length: 30 cm
Width: 30 cm
Height: 30 cm


Weight of a set: 2,7 kg

Parts included in a set:



TUKI® Blocks are equipped with neodymium magnets. They rotate inside the special capsules so the blocks always attract to one another.


TUKI® magnetic blocks have been created with the idea of modularity. It gives endless possibilities of connecting modules.


To create TUKI®, we used special foam which is closed-cell structure. It does not absorb the water. Cleaning is very easy.


TUKI® magnetic blocks have been tested in an accredited research center. The research concerned migration elements, including the content of heavy metals, non-flammability and mechanical safety of toys.


Our blocks have been carefully designed in terms of modularity of each element. The specific dimensions of blocks makes them universal


Thanks to the special structure, our blocks are floating on the surface of the water giving endless possibilities having fun in bathroom or pool.